Polishing Process

How Concrete Grinding and Polishing Works

To begin the process, our heavy duty grinding and polishing machine uses a heavy grit to grind down the surface of the concrete to the level desired.

This first stage is where the most concrete is removed. We grind the top layer of concrete away to expose the aggregate. The amount of the top layer of concrete that is removed is dependant on the size of aggregate that is desired.

Once we have reached the desired depth, our contractors modify the grinding and polishing machine to use a progressively finer grit to smooth and polish the surface of the concrete to the desired sheen.

Our Machines

In addition to grinding and polishing, Substrate Solutions has these added capabilities:


Level and flatten floor in an easy way


Grind floor for proper drainage


Can help correct “rain damages” slabs


Environmentally friendly because a top coating is now not necessary


Incredibly cost effective


Perfect for high bay storage

Leveling a Concrete Slab

Step 1: Align guide and grinding machine on level section of concrete.

Step 2: Grind towards the guide. As the machine is grinding it is “guided” on how much cement needs to be removed in order to level the concrete slab.

Step 3: The concrete is level.

Crack Repair